Administrative Units

A means to scope Administrative Roles in Azure AD.

B2C to Contoso Azure AD

Members, Guests (B2B) and Local account types.

Microsoft Graph SDK PowerShell Examples

Common identity and access queries using Microsoft Graph.

AAD Connect and the ImmutableId

How AAD Connect and the ImmutableID attribute are related.

Azure AD Tenant Migration and Consolidation

A series of high-level steps for migrating an Azure AD O365 tenant.

Azure AD Applications with the Implicit Flow

Finding all Azure AD Application Registrations that have the Web Platform configured with the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Flow.

Exchange Client Mailbox Access

Getting email app connectivity using the Exchange Online PowerShell module. Matching access type to PowerShell properties.

Creating an Azure AD Claim Mapping Policy

Creating an Azure AD Claim Mapping Policy to map on-premises attributes to a JWT or SAML issued claim or perform a transformation.